10 Funny and Unbelievable Moments from World of Warcraft


The lore of World of Warcraft is a dramatic one, framed by violence and tragedy, which is something most players get to know as they travel through Azeroth. In the actual game, however, there are plenty of moments of levity along with some strange and crazy events that we never imagined.

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It’s true that some really weird and hysterical things have happened in Azeroth. Some of these incidents are still discussed around the Ironforge mailbox and are permanently lodged in our pop-culture lexicon. The following list includes everything from one-time events to ongoing pranks, and all of them are unique to Classic World of Warcraft.

10 The Rampage of Stitches

Raven Hill Cemetary is home to a grizzled old alchemist named Abercrombie, who starts players on a quest chain, “The Hermit.” This culminates in a rather shocking surprise at the end of the chain, when an abomination named Stitches stomps towards the town Darkshire, shredding everything in his path. If you wanted this to be really funny, you could kite Stitches to one of the lower level areas nearby, like Elwynn Forest, and watch even more chaos erupt. Good times!

9 Lord Kazzak Stomps Ironforge

Granted, not everyone thought this was funny, but you have to admit it was pretty clever. Not all elite bosses were confined to dungeons. There were plenty of world bosses that were just as tough, maybe even worse, just out wandering the countryside. Lord Kazzak was an elite boss in the Badlands in the time of Classic WoW. Stormwind was close enough to be a focal point of his elite rage, depending on how much patience you had when kiting him. He healed every time a player died, so when he ran through a city one-hosting anything under level 50 he became invincible. Developers and often had to intervene just to reset him. This character still exists in the modern game out in Hellfire Penninsula.

8 Leeroy Jenkins

The popularity and universal appeal of this video spread well beyond the gaming community because this was just the funniest thing that anybody had ever seen. This video brought MMOs into mainstream culture, appearing on game shows and late-night television. The video was always meant to be satire and was planned and scripted beforehand, but many thought it was a real raid gone wrong. And of course, the sour grapes made it even funnier.

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7 Southshore vs. Tarren Mill

Every avalanche starts with a pebble. The southern coastline of Hillsbrad Foothills was the first battleground before battlegrounds actually existed. These two cities are placed so closely together for a reason. What’s twisted about that is the fact that this zone is intended for lower-level players who often get caught in the crossfire. A lower level player would get ganked and call for help, and higher-level players would arrive to help them. The situation would snowball and before long, chaos unfolded and a huge part of the area was turned into a war zone depending on the server population. Watching the chaos unfold was probably more fun for higher level players who could actually stay alive long enough to get some honor kills.

6 The Corrupted Blood Incident

Blizzard thought this was so hysterical that they tried to re-create something similar as a way to hype up the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion. They haven’t tried it since because it didn’t go over well. This notorious event is a great example of something that sure is fun and interesting, but you really don’t want it to happen again.

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In 2005, the Zul’Gurub raid was brand new and it’s end boss, Hakkar, had a nasty debuff called Corrupted Blood. It infected players, who then infected those near them. The effect was only intended for high-level players in the raid, but Hunter and Warlock pets brought the debuff into the rest of Azeroth when they returned. The result was an apocalyptic hellscape ravaged by a plague that took weeks to fix. Funny, but not “ha ha” funny.

5 Chuck Norris Jokes

The Chuck Norris jokes are part of what made Barrens Chat so notorious, but they would pop up almost anywhere in the game. This phenomenon made it into the mainstream. One of them was even part of the script in The Expendables II, and it was delivered by none other than the man himself. We aren’t going to list any here, as the internet is already full of them and they’re so popular you’ve likely seen several already. Blizzard actually made a commercial featuring several of the jokes where Norris himself also appeared.

4 Alterac Valley (Bring a Lunch)

Yeah, you might be here a while. The battleground has been tweaked in the current game so this doesn’t happen. In fact, Alterac Valley is completely different now than it was in Classic WoW. Back in the day, players had to complete several different PVE quests and gather a certain amount of materials in addition to running a successful PVP campaign into enemy territory. Depending on how evenly matched your teams were, this could take a really long time. You could be in Alterac Valley for three hours easily, and legends speak of battles that lasted six or even 12 hours.

3 The “/silly” Emote

You don’t want to spread a plague or kite a world boss. All you care about is entertaining yourself and other players waiting for the zeppelin. Just some harmless fun at the dock in Rachet or Booty Bay, so you tell a joke. Every race in the game has a few funny lines to say and the phrases also differ depending on gender. A female Human laments that everyone expects her to know cooking and tailoring, a Night Elf will tell she’s really more of a”morning” elf, a Tauren Male will moo at you. The /flirt emote is gets a lot of laughs too, if you’re in that kind of mood.

2  The Zul’Farrak Rescue Massacre

“Divinomatic Rod” is a quest that leads you into the dungeon of Zul’Farrak to retrieve said rod from Sargent Bly. When you find him, he’s being held prisoner by the resident trolls. He says if you help him escape, he’ll pay you. After killing wave after wave of trolls as they come at you on the stairs, you finally get to the bosses and once you kill them, Bly turns on you. Then his own party members turn on each other. The result is a free-for-all that kills all the people you just tried to save. That’s just a quick summary with as few spoilers as possible. The real dialogue is pretty funny and we don’t want to give it away.

1 “Where’s Mankrik’s Wife?”

“Lost in Battle” is the name of the quest. A tragic tale of love lost in battle and a guilt-stricken survivor fighting to retain his will to live would naturally result in some of the most hilarious quips ever and make Barrens Chat famous. The question of her location comes up so often in Barrens Chat that it’s become a running joke, with some far-flung and ridiculous replies like, “Illidan’s Throne” becoming a common sarcastic reply. This has even led to cheeky jokes in later expansions. In Burning Crusade, a quest compels players to find the Shrine of Dath’Remar, and so many people ask about where it is, the shrine has been nicknamed “the Shrine of Mankrik’s Wife.”

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