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It was time to say goodbye to James as he was voted off the show.

Over the last few days he had started to get a bit annoyed with his other campmates and was favourite to go.

But before that, here’s a recap of last night’s episode and it all started off a bit gross when Myles sniffed his underarms and said the smell had woken him up. “How long ago did we do the fish guts thing, I haven’t showered since then.”

Horrified and laughing Ian said: “Don’t lie! Your bottom must smell like an atom bomb. I don’t want to talk to you and I can’t look you in the eye. You stinky bum.”

James said: “You stinky little teenage boy!”

Next we had the Bustucker Trial which was called Celebrities Assemble and Kate, Andy and Jac’s names were pulled out of the hat.

After dressing as superheroes they manged to win all nine stars and when they returned to camp everyone cheered. “

Unfortunately the Dingo Dollar challenge didn’t go as well and even though Ian and James made it to Kiosk Kev, they lost out when the campmates got the question wrong.

In the evening they feasted on Octopus – although Caitlyn wasn’t too impressed.

but there was more fun to come as later.

The campmates walked through the jungle holding their lanterns and were welcomed to the Jungle Panto and told to take to the stage for a performance of Critterella. T

hey were told that those who gave a 5 star performance would attend the wrap party at The Jungle Arms. “The better the show, the better the party so break a leg,” read out Nadine.

After lots of laughs – including James and Andy as panto Dames – and LOTS of critters the campmates won a treat and got sing karoke and eat chips and drink beer in The Jungle Arms.

To find out who will got tonight tune into I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! at 9.00pm on ITV.

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