Jada Rock’s Bikini in Funny Ad For Jaden’s JUST Water Company


*Jada Pinkett Smith just appeared in a very funny IG video in promotion of son Jaden’s new water company. The company, JUST water, is through a partnership with CVS Pharmacy. And the ad is already getting a fair amount of burn. “You’re welcome, Jaden”, Jada wrote. “the first one is free.”

The caption ended with her saying “Sip my secret”.

Husband Will Smith, who also shared the video, wrote, “Y’all better NOT sip her secret.”

The ad, which showcases the well-known sense of humor of both the A-list celebrity parents, shows Jada walking provocatively down a beach. However, the funny part is the narration.

“A seahorse gave me this,” she said in a booming voice.

“Why am I showering outside?” Jada’s voice asks as she is rinsing off.

The voice then jokes about the camera shots, “This shot is too close, this shot is too far.”

“There’s my booty,” the voice says when the video shows a close up.

JUST water is currently valued at $100 million and facilities in the US, UK and Australia with distribution to over 15,000 American retailers.

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