10 Time Travel Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words


As great as Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has been in the last five seasons of The Flash, there is still the time travel of it all. Over the last several years, it has become one of the biggest gags in Flash as well as DC TV fandom in general because of Barry’s time traveling. Even though he has never meant any harm with it, that doesn’t change the fact that his actions messed up the universe here and there.

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While he has gotten better with not screwing up the timeline like Flashpoint, the fandom has had a good time with his time travel shenanigans. These are just some of the funniest memes about Barry’s time travel struggle.

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10 Double Standard

While The Flash has been up to some time travel mess, that isn’t the only Arrowverse show to deal with time travel. Over on Legends of Tomorrow since its first season we have seen the Waverider crew mess up with time season after season. But as this meme perfectly says it, it seems to be no problem when the Legends screw with the timeline.

It’s apparently not a big deal when the Legends broke the timeline in the season 2 finale as no one in the rest of the Arrowverse seemed to notice. But a heartbroken Barry going back in time to save his mother somehow is worse? How was he supposed to know that Diggle’s (David Ramsey) daughter on Arrow would turn into a son, post-Flashpoint?

9 Fixing Black Canary’s Death

Arrow Season 4 had its big controversy when the series decided to kill off one of its most iconic Green Arrow characters, the Black Canary (Katie Cassidy.) Over on Legends of Tomorrow, Sara (Caity Lotz) was certainly not happy about and demanded that Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) go back in time and save her. But Rip being Rip wouldn’t allow it.

However, what if Sara had turned to Barry for help? This meme would have spared everyone some major drama. Luckily, we did get Laurel’s Earth-2 doppelganger that started out evil until she got redeemed this year.

8 Distracted Barry

The Flash never depicted Barry as being constantly obsessed with fixing timelines but had Barry turned out differently, that could have been the case. If his time travel thirstiness had been turned up to an eleven, he would have probably turned out like this meme.

Even if he is with his wife and family, if he sees an opportunity to change the timeline, Barry certainly would. Thankfully, his love for Iris is stronger than any interest he may have in time traveling.

7 Prometheus Gets Truth

One of Arrow’s greatest villains of all time was Josh Segarra’s Adrian Chase a.k.a. Prometheus. From calculating mastermind to the ultimate torturer, Oliver had his hands full with Adrian in the fifth season. Barry should probably be grateful that he never ran into Adrian’s dangerous claws.

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If he had, then this meme certainly would have happened in one way or another. Picture Barry not being able to use his powers and being forced to confess his darkest truth. What if he actually enjoyed messing up those timelines!

6 Petty Time Traveler

Barry and Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) are, without doubt, one of the best friendships in the whole Arrowverse. Their first time interacting on Supergirl when Barry accidentally traveled between Earths will always be memorable.

While their friendship has hit all the cuteness possible, we have so far not seen them get petty with one another. We don’t know what Barry is like as a video gamer, but we could imagine him getting this intense if he were to lose.

5 MCU Time Travel

Who knows how much damage Barry could cause if he took his time travel struggle to higher levels. Whether he tries to or not, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if he time-traveled so badly that he brought the whole Arrowverse into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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That’s probably not how DC or Marvel fans would picture a crossover between the two comic universes. Ideally, it would probably be executed in a way where it wasn’t caused by a speedster not knowing what he was doing.

4 Interrupted Love

Barry and Iris (Candice Patton) are without question one of the best couples in the Arrowverse, since day 1. While there were certainly obstacles that were in the way of them getting together at first, we may have Barry to blame for some of it.

Remember their first kiss in the fifteenth episode of Season 1? You probably did, but Iris certainly didn’t like Barry, for the first time, went back in time by accident and never got Iris to declare her love for him until much later. Remember when Barry had the chance to finally to be with her at the end of Season 2?

Probably, but again Iris didn’t because, after their kiss, he went back in time and saved his mom which created Flashpoint. In many ways, this meme sums up Barry’s priorities at the beginning where unaffected timelines were his main jam.

3 Double Flashes

We have yet to see what time travel problems the DCEU’s version of Flash (Ezra Miller) could cause. Maybe he won’t get into the same problem as Barry on The CW has in the last few years. Although who knows, maybe Barry Allen on every Earth is this problem with time travel.

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However, if Barry from the DCEU ever befriended this Barry, anything is possible. That’s not to say that Earth-1 Barry is a bad influence in anyways but this meme could certainly paint him like that.

2 Time Travel Logic

While Barry has had his time-travel hiccup here and there, it’s not like people never warned him to not do it. Whether it’s one of his team members, a speedster from another Earth or even an enemy of his, Barry can never say that no one warned him about the consequences.

This meme hits the point perfectly how Barry has sometimes reacted to the warnings he has gotten. Even as early as the first season, his future self-warned him about not interfering with the past!

1 Nice Timeline

If there is any meme that is constantly seen or used by fandom when it comes to Barry’s time travel screw-ups, it’s this one. It’s not hard to imagine Barry witnessing a timeline and take it all in while thinking how he could screw it up.

Thankfully, the fastest man alive has gotten a lot better with his time travel struggle in the last two seasons. But that doesn’t stop the fact that time travel memes make Barry look even more hilarious while still being an amazing hero.

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