Batman: Arkham developer Rocksteady will NOT attend E3


E3 is nigh and the leaks are starting to happen. We now know a new Watch Dogs will be there, we’re hearing whispers of Xbox’s showings, but one thing we can expect to NOT leak is Rocksteady’s new game.

The team behind the acclaimed Batman: Arkham trilogy has been toying away at an unknown (but not Batman) game for four years since wrapping up the Caped Crusader’s story. Rumors have suggested a Superman game, a Justice League game, but Kotaku’s Jason Schreier says it’s none of those and will be a games as service title.

Regardless of whatever it is, Rocksteady will be missing the biggest annual gaming show once again. Studio co-founder Sefton Hill took to Twitter to set fan expectations straight. “Hi all! A number of you have asked so we wanted to let you all know up front that Rocksteady Games won’t be showing at E3 this year,” said Hill. “We’ll be watching as fans but remaining in London, hard at work on our next big project.”

So, this has led many to believe that Rocksteady’s next title has either faced some production issues or will be a next-gen launch window title. Of course, Batman: Arkham Knight did face three delays, pushing it back about 8 months from its original release. They could just be waiting until they know the game is absolutely ready to be shown so they can have a quick but efficient marketing cycle a la Fallout 4.

If we had to take a guess as to when we’ll see this, it’ll be either The Game Awards 2019 where Arkham City was revealed OR Spring 2020, a period frequently used by WB to announce new games. Regardless, the record has been straight and you shouldn’t expect a new Rocksteady game this year.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on whatever Rocksteady’s next game as well as all E3 announcements here on GameZone.

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