Rumor: Nintendo will bring out two new Switch models this year


Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nintendo is actively working on not one but two new models for their successful hybrid console Switch. According to WSJ, these two models will be decidedly different from a design standpoint and could come as early as this summer.

Takashi Mochizuki broke the news which is behind a paywall but the gist is that Nintendo apparently wants to double-down on the surprise huge success the Nintendo Switch has been experiencing by introducing two new options for different use cases.

One of these rumored new Switch’s will be geared towards enthusiast gamers who want the best experience possible. You can think of it probably as a 3DS vs. New 3DS or PS4 vs. PS4 Pro, meaning that this version will feature possibly better technical specs than the regular Switch. It should be noted that it likely will still not be able to perform on the same level as a dedicated home console but that is to be expected from a mobile handheld. Still, despite managing to run beautiful and sophisticated games on the go, even a modest uptick in performance would be very welcomed.

Nintendo Co. plans to launch two new versions of its Switch gaming console as early as this summer, people familiar with the matter said, as the company seeks to sustain sales momentum for the product going into a crucial third year.

One version will have enhanced features targeted at avid videogamers, although it won’t be as powerful as Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4 Pro or Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One X, according to parts suppliers and software developers for Nintendo who have access to a prototype of the machine.

The second model is probably the more interesting variant as it’s aiming for mass appeal by being a cheap alternative for the regular Switch and the rumored “Pro” model. Similar to how the 2DS enabled millions of gamers to enjoy the vast library of 3DS games on a budget, this “Basic” Switch could skimp on some niceties like screen size, detachable Joy-Cons etc. in favor of offering the basics to play Switch titles.

Obviously, Nintendo didn’t confirm these rumors but just taking a peek at the many revisions the 3DS received, it sure sounds very plausible. If the rumor is to be believed, we won’t have to wait long until Nintendo unveils these new mysterious Switch models.

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