Metro Exodus may be the last Metro game on PC if sales fall flat


DSO Gaming reports that an unnamed 4A Games developer has some interesting comments on the recent controversy about the studio’s upcoming shooter Metro Exodus. Following a wide backlash after news broke out that Exodus was ditching Steam in favor of Epic Store exclusivity on the PC, many gamers started venting their disappointment on Metro Exodus’ YouTube videos and even go as far as review-bomb previous Metro games on Steam.

Up until now however, despite the negative emotions towards this sudden exclusivity deal, fans of the Metro series didn’t have anything bad to say about the game’s actual developer. Instead, it was pretty clear from the get-go that those responsible for this deal were Epic and the game’s publisher Deep Silver & THQ Nordic. A forum post by a 4A Games developer might take the controversy towards a different direction however.

Translated from Russian via Google

A user name scynet who apparently is a developer at 4A Games wrote a fascinating post on Russian gaming forum This post is the first time we get to see a behind-the-curtains idea at what the 4A Games is thinking about their game’s current controversy. We have to put a disclaimer as the post is in Russian and is merely translated via online translators but the gist of it seems clear.

After admitting that the Epic Store exclusivity happened rather sudden so soon before Metro Exodus releases on February 15 and 4A Games understanding the frustration of gamers on the PC, the developer starts criticizing their reaction as overblown. Scynet even goes further into conspiracy territory by claiming that many who are currently voicing their outrage were never interested in playing Metro Exodus to begin with.

The post ends on a bombshell by quite frankly threatening the PC audience that if indeed their Epic Store exclusive Metro Exodus gets boycotted and fails to achieve good sales, the next Metro game will definitely not come out for the PC at all. Wow. A pretty brutal statement by one of the game’s developers and surely one to make the studio become a target of criticism, next to Deep Silver and THQ Nordic.

In the meantime, check out the recent trailer showcasing the world of Metro Exodus and its progression throughout the seasons in the Russian wasteland. Pre-orders for Metro Exodus are also live on the Epic Store.

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